About Us

Vincah is a digital agency that helps service-based businesses tackle huge challenges in the interest of building awareness, lead generation, customer acquisition and purchase continuity. We specialize in the digital marketing space, and we’ve helped a wide range of service-based businesses across industries achieve their goals with ourinnovative marketing solutions.


We’re utilizing a platform know as “Marketing As A Service” which helps our customer reduces the burden of marketing and make them focus more on their business.

What we plan to do next

At VINCAH, we are obsessed with helping our customers more.  We will  leverage more on creating softwares which will help our customers achieve their goals easily. 

What Our Customers Say

"We are glad to have worked with Vincah, their customer service and after sales service is top-notch. The project was well delivered and we so proud of it. Will highly recommend them anytime any day"
Deola Oguntimehin
Marketing & Communication Executive
(gil automations)

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