The 10 Most Effective Types of Marketing Videos To Boost Your Company

Nowadays, browsing the internet without running into a video is nearly impossible. Consider the last time you were scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter when you stopped to read a post. A video presumably piqued your interest, right?

There are plenty of options for promoting your business these days. From emails to Instagram posts, the list is endless. Nevertheless, video marketing has proved very successful in helping companies, and business owners meet potential customers. Due to its ability to effectively convey any message, video has evolved to represent a significant portion of digital marketing. 

However, with so many different kinds of video content, it can be tricky to know which ones will be the most beneficial to your business. In this post, we’ll explain each video type and outline which ones are ideal for your specific goals.

What is a Sales Funnel?

Before listing several types of videos, we must understand the Sales Funnel concept.

After weeks of presentations, demos, conversations, and charm, the prospect leaves the sales to funnel without buying. With the proper sales funnel, this is bound to happen less. 

A Sales Funnel is a process that allows you to turn prospects into customers. It’s intended to help customers buy products in a way that increases conversion rates. Your sales funnel must be top-notch to have a successful sales strategy.

The awareness stage is the first step of the sales funnel. This is the point at which a customer first notices you. It could be a tweet, a Facebook post, or a Google search. By educating potential clients on what your product or service can do for them, you can generate interest in it at this point. 

Marketing videos such as brand videos or video podcasts can help prospects know your brand better.

The second step is known as the interest stage. Consumers are researching, comparing prices, and considering their options at this stage. Prospects will assess your brand depending on their level of interest once they have learned about it. They’ll think about the problem they’re trying to solve and conduct competitive research to ensure your offer is the best solution. 

At this stage, webinars, product reviews, and onboarding videos would enlighten your prospects about how your product can solve their problem. 

The third step is the desired stage. At this stage, your customer is armed with information about your company; prospects will dig deeper into your pricing and packaging options. Sales calls, webinars, and sales pages help persuade potential customers to make a purchase. You have to make them know you are the best solution. 

What can also help you at this stage are video testimonials and demos that let your prospect know your product or service is a cut above all other competitors. 

The final stage is the decision stage. All your work comes down to this phase. The decision stage is where your prospect decides whether to purchase or not. Your best offer should be made at this time. It might be free shipping when most of your rivals charge for it, a coupon code, or an added extra item. If they didn’t, the deal isn’t lost forever. You can create nurture campaigns to ensure you stay on top of their minds. 

Video marketing is essential to every sale funnel. They are made to attract, educate, convert prospects, and keep buyers through each stage of your funnel. 

Now that you understand the concept of sales funnels let’s dive into the different types of videos. 

The 10 Types of Videos for Marketers

Brand videos 

These videos are produced as part of a more significant advertising effort, demonstrating the company’s vision, mission, or products and services. Brand videos are sponsored or created by the company and do not directly advertise or promote them. Instead, they impress without talking about anything specific.

The goal of brand videos is to build awareness around your company.

 Company Story Video

Every business has a remarkable history behind it, and video is an excellent way to tell it. The business history videos listed below demonstrate various ways of describing how a company was born and grew to where it is now. These videos can humanize any company, and in this era of instant communication and continuous activity, audiences seek this type of human connection with the organizations they interact with.

The goal of the video is to build interest and trust.

Product Review/ Demo 

This video provides a walkthrough of the product or service. It helps your audience understand how your product/ service works before they purchase. A great product video is often the next best thing online shoppers have to a hands-on experience with your product or service. 

The main goal is to excel at getting your prospects closer to a purchase decision by putting your product and its benefits in the spotlight.

 Onboarding Video 

Similar to a demo video, which gives a walkthrough before they purchase, onboarding is used after they purchase the video. This type of video makes a grand entrance for your brand by welcoming new customers with visual content that gets them up and running quickly.

This video is mainly used after selling a product or service, yielding retention.

 A Testimonial Video 

Testimonial videos are short videos that present an endorsement or recommendation of a product or service from a recent client. The goal of creating a testimonial video is to demonstrate the benefits of the product or service to potential customers.

This type of video is used to build trust in your brand.

Educational Video or How-to Video 

This marketing video can help build a foundation of knowledge that will enable your prospect to understand your business solution. During the awareness stage of your sales funnel, educational videos are a terrific asset. 

 The main goal of this video is to create interest in your product and services.

Explainer Video 

Like the name explainer, it is a great way to explain your business to your prospect. You can use these videos to show your audience how your product or service can help correct an issue. Usually voiceover or live-action recording, many explainer videos focus on a fictional journey of the company’s core buyer persona who is struggling with a problem. The person overcomes the issue using the business’s product or service.

The main goal of an explainer video is to increase the conversion rate. 


A webinar is an online event scheduled at a specific time and date. It is a type of event where there is an interactive session with participants who have registered for it. Webinars are often held for a specific topic, and most of the time, they take live. Many companies, however, pre-record their webinar if they can’t make it on the day.

This video is best used to turn prospects into customers.

Entertainment / Creative Video 

This video type is about turning challenging or complex ideas into something fun to watch.  Entertainment videos do not directly promote the brand, however, they are a great way to share content, and keep your customers engaged. It is however essential to know that this marketing style is not suitable for companies and businesses that have a small audience. 

Expert Interview Video 

Video has become the go-to social media content for businesses. Interviews with experts in your industry give great advice to help your followers learn, trust and listen to you more. You should find the people who influence your industry and put these discussions in front of your audience.


Every stage of your marketing funnel may benefit from videos, from generating new leads with enticing video commercials to converting those leads into paying customers. So start making videos to yield satisfaction to your readers and to promote your brand more engagingly.